Gospel Hope for Brighter Days

Our Mission

There’s no doubt these are difficult days.

As we face the threat of community transmitted disease, Churches seek to balance physical care with the spiritual needs of our people, neighbors, and community. Mandatory gathering limits impact our ability to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Social distancing requirements severely impact our free exercise as a local assembly of the body of Christ. God called each of us pastors to feed our flock. We can meet the needs of our people and provide help for our community in this time when outreach has been restricted.

This website has been created as a helps ministry to equip local churches with sharing the message of hope during this time of crisis. Some churches have moved to online services. But let’s face it, technology presents as many problems as it offers helps. Not every member of our church uses social media. Not every pastor has access to live stream broadcast of our worship services.

Here’s how this tool helps remove the frustration. Your people can have access to church recordings anytime, day or night. But also think about the bigger picture. We may be under these public restrictions for several months to come. Our people will need encouragement from God’s Word. Think of this website as your personal broadcast station to communicate the Good News with the people God called you to shepherd.

Most of us have access to archives of recorded worship services. Let’s make them available online.

But don’t think you are limited to sharing previously recorded messages with your people. As the situation shifts, our people will need timely comfort and hope. Armed with your smart phone, you can easily record fresh sermons to upload on this site.

There’s no charge for this service. We’re here to help you connect as much or as little as you choose.

Thank you, pastor, for your personal ministry. The days may grow even more challenging. But we don’t have to remain silent. Let’s continue to share the greatest news our communities need to hear now more than ever that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, was buried, and rose again on the third day according to the Scriptures.