What is hear.church?

hear.church is a ministry tool to help your church share previously recorded audio/video content, pdf documents, announcements and helpful website links with your people.

My church has a website already, how can hear.church benefit me?

If you already have a website hosted by a provider, you may not be able to add download/streaming media content without incurring additional cost.

You may not have anyone in your church who has the know-how to maintain your website.

We’re not here to replace your website. Think of hear.church as a bulletin board to share content with your community.

Can I livestream through hear.church?

No. But you can post direct links to the livestream service you use.

Do you recommend any livestream options?

There’s plenty of options available through social media. Each service presents a different set of technological challenges. The benefit of using social media is that most people already use these services. The downside is that in order to provide these services, your people may be served targeted advertising.

Another challenge with live-streaming is the logistics required can add a level of frustration when you don’t have someone available to run the camera, soundboard, or set up the connection for your group.

hear.church gives you the convenience of providing content on your own schedule with people who access at their own convenience. Without ads.

How long does it take for my content to post online?

That’s entirely up to you. In order to help remove the frustration level, you submit the content you want to post, we curate your hear.church website for you. If you want your content available for your people to readily access, give us at least one day advance to get your content loaded.

Who owns my content?

You do. Please do not submit copyrighted content you do not own. Your content remains accessible as long as you choose to make it available.

What file types can I share?

hear.com uses a built in media player to serve content. You can submit .mp3, .mp4, .pdf, and .jpg files.

If the file types listed above makes no sense to you, here’s a quick explanation of which file type to use: .mp3 for audio; .mp4 for video; .pdf for documents; and .jpg for pictures. Video content file sizes are usually larger than any of these other file types, which means people who access your content with a limited internet data package may incur additional charges from their service provider. Have mercy.

How do you recommend I record my content?

If you have access to your church audio/video system, you can record high quality content. But remember, the feature of hear.church is that you are only limited by the recording device available to you. Most smart phones have a built in voice recorder that captures your message and enable you to share with a contact in your address book. You could always record your sermon and send by email to each of your members. Or you could post the content to hear.church and let us help deliver your sermon on a webpage.

How much does it cost for me to post content on hear.church?

Did you skip directly to this question first? Don’t worry. There is no charge or fee to use hear.church. We’re here to ease the process of getting your content to your people.